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We are well known for the strength of our pre-school curriculum. We use DLM curriculum in our pre-kinder class which totally prepares children who are entering kindergarden the next year with all the skills needed for success. We were awarded a 3 year grant by Round Rock Independent School District for this program which we recently finished. Parents of students who have been through this program have been very pleased with their child’s success when entering public school.

We have a large playground with lots of shade and a variety of activities that encourage large motor development which is so important in the pre-school years. We are constantly complimented by our clients on the cleanliness and cheerfulness of our facilities.


2106 Rawhide Drive, Round Rock, Texas 78681 | Phone: 512-255-0529 Fax: 512-238-0305

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Round Rock - Learning Tree Day School
Phone: 512-255-0529