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Three of my grandchildren have gone to this preschool over the last ten years and it is amazingto me that I still see some of the same teachers that I saw when the oldest one started. My youngestand oldest grandchild were blessed to have both had the same 2 yr. old teacher and they are six yearsapart in age. This center is always very clean and even smells good! I frequently go to pick them upand the atmosphere has always been cheery and upbeat. My daughter and daughter-in-law have bothbeen very happy here and as a grandma I am glad they chose this school for my precious ones.

Maryann (July 1, 2009)

I absolutely love this daycare!!! My daughter has been going there for 5 months and my daughter has learned so much there and the teachers are wonderful! She has blossomed so much. She talks more she’s not even two yet and she says ABC’s and counts to five. The teachers actually take the time to tell you what they did that day and how my daughter did rather than “she did good today”. I love it and my daughter will be there until she’s too old to go!

Jamie (5/19/2010)

I have gone to this day care often to pick up my grandchild over the last three plus years and have always been impressed with it. It is super clean and organized, never smells like the day care she used to attend before my daughter got fed up and moved her to Learning Tree. All the staff I have had any dealings with have been very friendly and helpful with any request we have ever had. This was the third day care my daughter tried and she loves it. It always seems so cheerful when I go in and it seems to me my grandaughter has learned a lot there. My daughter tells me she never cries when she leaves her off in the mornings and is happy to see the teachers and her friends.

Sheryl (8/15/2009)

2106 Rawhide Drive, Round Rock, Texas 78681 | Phone: 512-255-0529 Fax: 512-238-0305